Install WordPress

Please Note: This is a guide to install WordPress via your CPanel.. If you need a WordPress guide you can download one for FREE HERE.

To Install WordPress follow these steps:

From your client area log into CPanel and scroll down to Softaculous App Installer

Select WordPress and follow the steps below:

Step 1. Click on Install - Install Now

Step 2. Under "Software Setup" you need to select the https:// option.

Step 3. Next to your domain name there is a folder with the following written inside it: wp Below it reads "in Directory" - NB Delete the letters wp so that the site will be installed inside your root directory. IF YOU DO NOT DO THS THE SITE WILL BE INSTALLED INSIDE A SUB DIRECTORY AND YOUR WEBSITE WILL NOT WORK.

Step 4. Fill in your "Site Setting" - This can be changed later

Step 5. Fill in your "Admin Account" details - Important to take notes of the Username and Password that you used to ensure you are able to log into the admin area later.

Step 6. Select your Theme

Step 7. Click "Install"

Make a note of your admin URL for future purposes.

Enjoy using WordPress

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